These Colorful Magic Sockets Will Add Some Pixie Dust To Your Phone

Magic Socket

I love phone grips because they make holding giant phones so much easier!  These Colorful Magic Sockets are not only useful, but they are also perfectly pixie-dusted!

Magic Socket Magic Socket

These phone grips are Mickey-shaped, which makes them even better than normal phone grips!  After all, everything is better when it is Mickey-shaped!  There are so many fabulous colors from which you can choose, and each one is glittery perfection.  Each color is inspired by a favorite Disney Character.  My favorites are the Marie Pink Magic Socket and the Sulley Blue Magic Socket, but they are all so gorgeous!

Magic Socket Magic Socket

Fans of the Potion Purple line will love this Maleficent Purple Magic Socket, and this Baloo Gray Magic Socket really shows off the glitter!

Magic Socket Magic Socket

If you like more simple phone accessories, the Eve White Magic Socket or the Ursula Black Magic Socket might be the right choice for you.  Each one of these is gorgeous!  I also think Star Wars fans might love the Ursula Black color because it is very star-like.

Magic Socket Magic Socket Magic Socket Magic Socket

Other colors include Stitch Blue, Jafar Red, Belle Yellow, and Tinker Bell Green.

Magic Socket Magic Socket

There are even Rose Gold and Mint Green Metallic options available in the former Mickey shape!

If you would like to purchase any of these Colorful Magic Sockets, you can find them all HERE!

Which one of these colors is your favorite?  Let us know in the comments below!

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