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Time to Glow Up with Candles from Basin!

Confession Time: I am not artsy–not even a little bit. But my daughter is, and there is nothing that strikes fear in my heart more than hearing her ask if we can “make something.”

I know that many of you have cupboards filled with delightful supplies just waiting to become Pinterest-worthy decor. I, on the other hand, am exhausted just hearing the word craft. But I do love indulging and encouraging her creative side, which is why I got so excited about the candle-making experience at Basin in Disney Springs!


Basin has a special table set up for candle-making. Colorful jars of bath salts fill the table along with the empty candle jars. My daughter and her friend spent the first 15 minutes just smelling the different scents and deciding on the “themes” for their candles. With ten different scents to choose from, this took a while!


Candle scents at Basin

Once the girls decided on their scents, they created their perfect layers. Just look at that intensity!

The beauty of this craft is that you don’t really have to be artsy to end up with a beautiful product. Uneven layers and a little messiness actually add to the uniqueness and individual style of each candle and reflect its maker.

While both of our candle-makers stayed with a more classic look, you can always choose to make things more complicated. This candle was on display and shows some different design possibilities.


This craft was such a fun and easy way to cure summer boredom blues! It’s very simple, so ages 10 and up could probably do this alone while ages 5-9 could do it with a little bit of help. And at $15 for one candle or $25 for two, it’s a pretty affordable bit of entertainment!

We made our candles at Basin in Disney Springs, but this is also offered at Basin in The Grand Floridian Resort. They do accept Passholder discounts for this, which was a lovely surprise! Will you be making candles at Basin on your next Disney trip? Let us know in the comments!

Special thanks to candle-maker extraordinaires (not to mention simply amazing young women) Hollan and Alexa for their help with this article!


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