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My Top 10 Things NOT to Wear at Disney Theme Parks


Since posting the top 10 things to wear to Walt Disney World, I thought maybe I should also compile a list of the top 10 things NOT to wear. You could most definitely just say the opposite of the previous list but what fun would that be? I decided to put a little of the obvious in there combined with some actual Disney rules and some things that may not occur to people. So, here we go, in no particular order, my top 10 things not to wear.

  1. A Frown– I’m starting with the obvious. You are at a Disney Theme Park. Turn that frown upside down and start enjoying yourself!

2. Swimwear– I know you have all seen people walking around the parks with some sort of swimwear on. It is, admittedly, really only an issue on women (unless there is a man walking around in a Speedo and I’m not going to even broach that subject!), String bikini tops or revealing swimsuits are actually against Disney guidelines to be worn at the parks. The Disney authorities may ask you to cover up and if you refuse, you will be asked to leave. So don’t even bother putting yourself in this situation.

  1. High Heels– I discussed this briefly in my top 10 things to wear article. If Gloria from Modern Family can’t pull this off comfortably, neither will you. There are uneven walkways, cracks and cobblestone everywhere. If you value your ankles and shoes, leave the heels at home.

  2. Weapons– I know some may find this amusing and obvious but I think it bears mentioning. There are security guards that will go through your bags when you enter the parks. If they find anything of this nature they will ask you to leave or confiscate it. There’s really no need to be carrying a weapon while at the parks anyway. There is security everywhere whether you see them or not. Plain clothes security guards are just as present as uniformed guards. So if you are someone who always carries a gun/knife  for fear that you will need to defend yourself or your family, take this opportunity to relax and enjoy yourself…. and leave the weapon at home.

  3. Offensive Clothing– This is another obvious one in my opinion. It is also another one of the guidelines Disney has in place that gives them the right to ask you to remove or cover the offensive clothing or leave the park. It’s true that you may or may not get caught but why risk it? This ruins your day and also those around you. It’s also just not respectful to wear something offensive to such a populated place. Think of those around you.

  4. Adult Costume– Now this is not to be mistaken for Disney Bounding, which is allowed. Adults are not allowed to wear actual costumes that reference any Disney characters, unless you are attending the Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. They do not want any conflict with their own cast members. This should be understandable for most. Children are, of course, allowed to dress it up. The adults, however, will need to live vicariously through their children on this point.

  5. Excessively Torn Clothing– This is another one of those Disney guidelines we have previously mentioned. It is at their discretion to determine whether what you are wearing is ‘excessive’ not. You can absolutely bet that if your butt is hanging out of your pants or shorts, this is going to be considered excessive. It’s another point of respect. No one really wants to see that as they are enjoying the parks with their families. Keep yourself cool but appropriately covered.

  6. Excessive Jewelry– This is really just my opinion. If you are wearing tons of heavy jewelry, that may not fair to well on Expedition Everest or Tower of Terror. I think this also goes together with wearing expensive jewelry. How are you going to feel if you wear you’re beautiful diamond earrings and then lose one?? Just something to keep in mind.

  7. New Shoes– Breaking in those new shoes you bought specifically for this trip at the park is probably not your best idea. Blisters do not feel good when you are walking up to 10 or more miles a day (Yep… I use a pedometer and that’s my average). Take the time to break in whatever shoes you plan to wear in advance of the trip and you will be a much happier person.

  8. Restrictive Clothing– We just mentioned how much walking around you will be doing. It may also be quite hot. There will be lots of getting up and down, into and out of rides. All of this can be quite difficult if you are wearing restrictive clothing. This is purely about comfort. Wear something stylish but comfortable (I prefer loose, cotton sundresses myself)  and you will enjoy yourself a lot more.

There it is! My top 10 things NOT  to wear at Disney Theme Parks. I’d love to know what you’re top 10 things are. Let me know in the comment box below!

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