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Top 10 Ways To Celebrate Your Birthday At Disney Parks!

I woke up this morning, on my birthday, wishing I was celebrating at the Disney Parks and day dreaming about the top 10 things I would do. I am a grown up with no kidlings and I have the capability to do whatever i want when I celebrate!! I imagine I have the whole day and from the time I wake up to the time I go to bed I am able to spend it exactly as I like. Allow me to share my list with you. Here are the top 10 ways to celebrate your birthday at Disney Parks!

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1. Get a Happy Birthday Button- At Guest Services at each Disney Park, you are able to get yourself a Happy Birthday button. On this button they write your name. People, I know some of you are wondering why on Earth I would list this first but, I promise you, this starts off the most magical day you will have. Every Disney cast member goes out of their way to make your day special. People yell out “happy birthday” as you walk by…. cast members and guests alike. Your name is on your button so they even say your name! On top of that, I have been given free desserts at meals or upsized dole whips… you just never know. It sets the tone for your day! (above you can kind of see I am wearing one)

2. Go to a Character Breakfast- I like to eat. I admit it. I also love meeting characters. I like to spend my day at Magic Kingdom so, when I am at Walt Disney World, I l hop the monorail and have breakfast at Chef Mickey’s or ‘OHana’s. If I am at Disneyland, I like to eat at Carnation Cafe on Main Street. Now that I’ve eaten and I have my birthday button, I can get to the next step.

3. Wear a Birthday Headpiece- I say it this way because I don’t always go with Mickey ears. Sometimes, I like to go a different route and feel like a Princess. In the above picture, it is difficult to see, but I am wearing a tiara that I bought on Main Street. It makes me feel special.

4. Go On My Favorite Rides- Now that I am in the Park, I like to go on my absolute favorite attractions. I am not one to spend the whole day on just the rides because I am fortunate enough to go to Disney frequently so I am able to not feel rushed to get in every attraction. I have prearranged my fast passes and off I go.

5. Do Some Shopping On Main Street- I am a shopper. If you are unaware of this fact, you quite possibly are reading my blog for the first time so welcome! I like to explore every store and pick out a few gifts for myself. I deserve it! It’s my birthday!!

6. Grab A Dole Whip- I don’t want to ruin my appetite because I plan to enjoy a nice dinner so I need an afternoon snack. Who doesn’t love a refreshing Dole Whip?????

7. Head to Epcot on The Monorail- Back in the day, I enjoyed trying to get in the front of the monorail but that doesn’t happen anymore. Now, I just like the ride because I can take a look at the views and relax as I head to another part of my birthday adventure…..

8. Go to the Character Photo Spot for Disney Visa Holders- I have a Disney  Visa. Shocking, What lots of people don’t realize is that there is an area at Epcot where you can get a free 8 x 10 photo of you with a character (you never know which character it is because it’s all very secretive). Who doesn’t love a free photo to commemorate their visit??

9. Eat at A World Showcase Restaurant- I know I have not specified which one but that is because there are so many amazing places to eat I just can’t choose. I love Le Cellier, either restaurant in France, Via Napoli and the list goes on and on. Pick one in advance and make a reservation. You won’t be disappointed!

10. Drink Around The World- Come on people…. it’s my birthday! I don’t plan to get crazy intoxicated because that’s not my style but I think this is also fun for the people you are with. I’ve never actually made it around the World Showcase but someday I’d like to say I did.

That’s my personal list but what’s yours? What did I miss that you think should be on the list?? Please share in the comment box below!!

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