Top 5 Ways To Beat A Cold/Flu The Disney Way

I am not feeling 100% up to par. I don’t usually get sick but when I do, I feel puny and want to make myself feel better quickly so I don’t let it get the best if me. How do I do that when I am clearly not feeling well? I do it the Disney way! It always makes me feel like I can beat anything, even a cold/flu, when I show my Disney Side!! Here are the top 5 ways to beat a cold/flu the Disney way.


  1. Use A Disney Humidifier–  I am a pediatric nurse so it’s no wonder I am recommending a humidifier first. Did you even know they made Disney humidifiers? There are actually a ton to choose from! The one above is the most adult looking one but they even make Star Wars and Princess humidifiers!

2016-01-11 - Disney Minnie Mouse Bow Love Micro Raschel Throw, 46 by 60_ -

2. Disney Blankets– If you aren’t feeling well, odds are that you are curled up in your favorite chair or on the couch with a blanket. If you use a Disney blanket, it’s bound to make you feel better! Perhaps, even one you got on your last trip there! Then you’ll really feel better, thinking of “home.”


3. Use A Disney Mug– I am a fan of drinking hot cold and flu beverages when I am feeling sick and using my fave Disney mug always helps cheer me up. If I am so weak that I don’t want to get up, I use something like this Mickey mug warmer so my beverage can stay hot!

4. Watch A Disney Movie– Doesn’t everyone do this when they are feeling sick or even just down in the dumps? Watching your favorite Disney movie always cheers a person up and a Disney movie marathon is even better!

2016-01-11 10_05_32-Disney Women's Ladies Minky Pajama Set Mickey at Amazon Women’s Clothing store_

5. Wear Disney PJs– I say Disney PJs but this could really be Disney lounge wear or even your favorite sweatshirt. I always feel better when I am wearing a comfy Disney item.

What do you think of our top 5 ways to beat a cold/flu the Disney way? Do you do any of these things? Let us know what you think, or if we missed any, in the comment box below!

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