Be Hauntingly Fabulous In The New Haunted Mansion Wallpaper Dress Coming From The Dress Shop!

I’ve known about this new dress from The Dress Shop for a few days now but, now that it’s official, I can finally share the news. You can be hauntingly fabulous in this new Haunted Mansion wallpaper dress coming from The Dress Shop!


I am a bit of a collector of dresses from The Dress Shop. I feel like almost every single silhouette works on my body type and that is a rare and special treat. Not to mention that these are all Disney inspired designs I am The Disney Fashionista, after all!

There have been a few different Haunted Mansion inspired dresses released at The Dress Shop in the past and they were all fabulous but I do believe this is my absolute favorite. Why? It’s the Haunted Mansion wallpaper! Who doesn’t love that? It’s iconic!

The silhouette of this dress is definitely made with cleavage in mind. I am sure, though, that it will fit every size because Disney does think these things through when they are designing. I don’t know how they do it!

The top of the dress appears to have a tighter knit pattern of the wallpaper in black and the bottom is more spread out and in purple. I am wondering if the zipper pull will even have details like other dresses have in the past. Dare to dream!

This dress is being released at the “The Haunted Mansion: Celebrating 50 Years of Retirement Unliving” events and I am sure that it will be available afterward in limited quantities. This event is only taking place at Disneyland and you can find out more info about it HERE. There is a ton of other merchandise being released as well including purses and jewelry!

What do you think of the new Haunted Mansion wallpaper dress? Will you be at the event at Disneyland? Will you be stalking this dress for a Park release afterward as I will? Let us know in the comment box below!

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