Sneak Peek: Haunted Mansion Designer Bags For 50th Anniversary

Haunted Mansion Designer Bags

Gather close my grim grinning fashionistas. We have discovered a possible collection of Haunted Mansion Designer bags for the 50th Anniversary event at the Disneyland Hotel in California! These designs have not been confirmed by Disney, but we’re really hoping we see them this summer.


These images have been swirling around Madame Leota’s crystal ball on social media! It also appears that there will be three Dooney and Bourke bags, and one special Harveys handbag.

The Harveys seatbelt handbag is a colorful homage to the iconic ride. The artwork is Shag and if you know anything about the last few Shag Harveys releases, they are super popular! This is currently only the concept art but appears to be a tote bag, with an adjustable strap that is removable. The design is paneled graphic that showcases different parts of the haunted ride we love so much.

There will be three Dooney & Bourke handbags. One of the three bags will be a passholder exclusive though. All three bags will have the same print, just in a different silhouette. The print is a yellow and grey or “gold and silver” creepy wallpaper design, with “50s” woven in.

Haunted Mansion Designer Bags

The regular edition handbags will be available in a large shopper tote, and a crossbody.

The Annual Passholder silhouette will be a chic satchel style.

These new Haunted Mansion Designer Handbags are suspected to be available as part The Haunted Mansion: Celebrating 50 Years of Retirement Unliving event. The chances to purchase merchandise will be by a Random Selection Process (RSP) in advance of the event.

Please keep in mind these are not confirmed by Disney yet and are subject to change at any time! Tickets for the Haunted Mansion: Celebrating 50 Years of Retirement Unliving event go on sale May 23rd. The ability to enter the random selection process should go live at the time of ticket purchases.

What do you think about these spooky new designer bags fashionistas?

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