Disney Discovery- Disney Princess Engagement Ring Set

For someone who is having a Disney wedding, anything Disney and wedding related are the latest obsession. Not only am I having a Disney wedding, but I know many people that are also having Disney touches on theirs. I have a Disney engagement ring that I love but I have found some super affordable rings I needed to share! Today’s Disney discovery is a Disney Princess engagement ring set.

2016-07-03 02_00_47-Amazon.com_ TVS-JEWELS Round Purple Amethyst Bridal Disney Princess Engagement w

Do you see the Disney Princess that inspired this ring? If you guessed Rapunzel, you are absolutely correct. The purple is not the only thing that is Rapunzel inspired. If you look at the weave within the design, you can see the Tangled inspiration, as well. This ring is 14K Rose Gold plated silver. the stone is an amethyst. It comes in size 5 though 11 with half sizes! This is a set and comes with the engagement ring and the wedding band!

This Rapunzel inspired engagement ring set is only $42.99 with free shipping! Can you even believe it?? If you are on a budget (and even if you aren’t) this set would be perfect for any Disney loving couple! If you want to check the details out, or order it, you can find it HERE. Enjoy!


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