Disney Park Treats Are Taking Merchandise By Storm!

I feel like we are being inundated with Disney Park treats and I am over the moon about it! I absolutely love Disney Park treats (and, well, food in general) so I am one of the first people who wants to have everything I see regarding Disney Park treats in my home!

Your eyes do not deceive you! There is too much awesomeness in this new collection to even be captured in one picture! Above you will find things for your kitchen like tumblers and tea towels to things for you desk that include sticky notes and clips to things to decorate with including lights (yes… lights!) to doormats!

I want pretty much everything you see above. The doormat would be perfect for summer and I have been thinking I need new tea towels! The lights, though….. I just redid my screened in porch last summer but I have yet to hang the lights back up. Now I know why. These shall be mine.

Perhaps you are looking for new dinnerware. Look no further! You can grab bowls, plates and coasters in the new Disney Park treats collection! I have no idea where I will put all of this but somehow I know that I need it!

I actually almost bought an apron on our recent Disney Cruise but I am now sure of why I put it back. This one is so perfect! Not to mention the wine stoppers. Too much fabulousness for one shopping trip.

To prove the point that Disney park treats are taking over Disney merchandising, here are the Loungefly backpacks we had talked about last week and just one of the tee shirts portraying some Disney snacks.

Are you salty or sweet? I’m loving these tees for a his and her look. Not sure if my husband will get on board though.

We shared the new Danielle Nicole snack purses but it looks like there is a whole lot more to this Disney pizza trend than we knew about.

This tee shirt is fantastic. I’m enjoying the fun wordplay but in all seriousness, one shouldn’t be judged for eating fabulous treats while on vacation. The Donut Ears and Danielle Nicole purses really complete the look.

This shirt says it all because I really do love all of the new merchandise. These pictures were all taken in California at Disneyland by our friends at disneydooneyharveysverabradley on IG. I have heard some of this merchandise is at WDW but we have not yet spotted it. I’m wondering if it just sold out that quickly. I promise I am staying on top of it for you!

If you see something you know you want, you can always email our preferred personal shopper at [email protected] to grab it for you because I haven’t been able to find these items online… yet.

What do you think of all the Disney park treats taking over Disney merchandising? Let us know what your favorite items are in the comments below!

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