Dooney and Bourke Will No Longer Be Partnering With Disney

Thank you everyone for being good sports and participating in our April Fool’s Joke for 2017! 

Have you been wondering why the Disney handbag market has been so over saturated lately. I mean, there has been design after design in the Disney Dooney and Bourke family alone! Well, it turns out that the reason for all of the Disney Dooney and Bourke bags, over such a short period of time, is because there aren’t going to be any more! Dooney and Bourke will no longer be partnering with Disney!

It’s such a sad day for Disney fashionistas! What are we going to do for the perfect bag? Who is going to create the bags for all the festivals? Will there be handbags associated with the festivals? Will runDisney find a new designer? What am I going to write about?!

What happened? Was Dooney and Bourke not making enough money off of Disney shoppers? Are they tired of hearing complaints when the bags sell out in minutes and they are requested to make more?  What did we do wrong?

I suppose the plus side is that we will all have a lot more money in our wallets. We won’t have to struggle with how to get the best placement on a wristlet (which we all know is impossible to do). Personal shoppers will most likely go out of business. I mean, this is the end of an era.

Are you disappointed in the news that Disney and Dooney and Bourke will no longer be working together? Are you dying a little inside?

Well cheer up….and April Fool’s!


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