Get Ready For A Jaw Dropping Experience At Mickey: The True Original Exhibition!

It’s been a while now that we knew about Mickey: The True Original Exhibition coming to NYC but the time is officially here! The art exhibit opens to the public on November 8th, 2018 and I had the honor of getting a preview before the doors officially open. Get ready for a jaw-dropping experience!

We have talked about the exhibit in great detail in previous articles but that doesn’t really prepare you for what you will encounter when you attend. This exhibit is interactive and shares Mickey in all types of mediums including sculptures, neon, painting, video and much more. It’s easy to get swept up in the nostalgia and be brought back to your childhood.


I am not going to ruin the exhibit for you be sharing too much but I am going to share some of my favorite pieces and some details the artists shared with us during the sneak peek. I promise you will be planning your next trip to NYC when I am done!


There are multiple rooms to weave through and we revealed the layout earlier HERE. The Welcome Room features this piece by Katherine Bernhardt. This oversized wall mural celebrating Mickey Mouse, his favorite food, and his favorite girl. Do you know what Mickey’s favorite food is? Hot dogs! Katherine said she wanted the piece to be super American and what is more super American than hot dogs?! We also learned that this piece took 3 days to create.

Daniel Arsham’s larger-than-life “Hiding Mickey” sculpture is breathtaking. James Fauntleroy collaborated with the artist to create music that you can listen to while enjoying the artwork. This room is mesmerizing.


In the room inspired by black and white, Jeff Shelly shared with us the photo ops he created to help make this an interactive experience. He created the different scenes with inspiration from a classic Mickey Mouse film ” Building & Building.”

This piece by Stacey Aoyama in the Ink & Paint Department room is probably one of my favorite pieces and, thankfully, it is available on a lanyard in the shop (which I now own). This piece is inspired by all the happy moments and memories Stacey has from growing up watching Mickey.

In Sorcerer’s Way, there are many different mediums of artwork inspired by Fantasia. The piece directly above is painted on the back of old theater chairs. The textures this creates are just stunning!

There is also a surprise to be found within barrels. Sketches of Sorcerer Mickey have been taken from the archives and put together into a short film. These are never before seen pieces and are truly a magical surprise.

Prepare yourself for a photo op in this room that you won’t want to miss, as well!


As if the artwork alone isn’t enough, there is also an ice cream stop in the Mickey Mouse Club room with Mickey inspired treats from Ample Hills Creamery! The cups the ice cream is served in features artwork from Jeff Shelly! The artwork on the ice cream containers is from different genres, as well. You will notice classic to modern Mickey and Minnie images. You will want to keep the cup as a souvenir!


Enjoy your tasty treat while you walk around this room with costumes and props from the Original Mickey Mouse Club that have been pulled from the archives specifically for this exhibit. I had actually pulled my inspiration for my look from The Mickey Mouse Club so this room made me very happy!

Legendary New York artist Keith Haring created this piece in his iconic style to pay tribute to the main Mouse.

The final room (before the shop!) is The Collection room and I could have spent hours in this room alone. There are 2 pieces of art in this room (I shared a video of one incredible piece by Shinique Smith) on IG but the rest of the room is an incredible collection of new and old. The collection room illustrates how tactile, functional works of art have allowed us to bring him into our everyday lives.

The shop deserves an article all on its own and that is coming your way soon. In the meantime, Mickey: The True Original Exhibition opens to the public tomorrow and you must go see it! I know I am changed for the better having experienced a legend.

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