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Harveys Star Wars Collection Releases Across the Galaxy

Members of the Empire and the Resistance alike are over the moon (wait–that’s no moon!) today with the park release of the Star Wars Harveys collection! The collection includes five bags, one of which is exclusive to Disney Parks and ShopDisney!

This comic strip pattern is my personal favorite of all the bags for one main reason: Princess Leia! She is the character that started my lifelong princess obsession, and I adore her! This pattern is in a backpack silhouette, which makes it different from the streamline style that was available in the original Harveys release. It retails for $178.

It’s hard to find a villain more iconic than Darth Vader. As a child, I was simultaneously terrified and fascinated by him. No matter how you feel about him as a character, you’ll probably agree that this is a super-cool bag! And the crossbody style is so convenient. That masked face gives me the chills in the very best possible way! It retails for $198.

This is most definitely the droid you’ve been looking for! I am so in love with R2D2 and really can’t resist anything inspired by him. The colors on this parkhopper are absolutely perfect; the blue is vibrant, the white is crisp, and the silver has just the right amount of sparkle. I think my eyes have literal hearts in them every time I see this one. It also retails for $198.

Harveys poster totes are always crazy popular, but this one is extra special. Artist Eric Tan provided the artwork for this tote. Each panel contains art inspired by a movie from the original trilogy, and the back has a galaxy print which fits in well with the Star Wars motif. This poster tote was not included in the original Harveys store release and is exclusive to Disney merchandising. It retails for $198.

The last bag is a crossbody inspired by my favorite wookie Chewbacca. The design mimics his fur and the strap resembles his ammunition strap. I could definitely kiss this wookie! This is the least expensive of the bags, retailing at $178.

These bags are completely out of this world (sorry, last pun), but you don’t have to travel to a galaxy far, far away to get yours (oops, I couldn’t help myself!) Hollywood Studios and ShopDisney are both carrying them, so make the jump to hyperspace (really, that’s the last one) and get yours now!

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