Select New Balance Outlets Spotted With 2016 runDisney New Balance Shoes!

You may recall a couple of months ago when I shared the news with you that runDisney New Balance shoes had been spotted at the New Balance outlets. Well, those were the 2014 and 2015 designs. A new year brings new arrivals and select New Balance outlets have now been spotted with 2016 runDisney New Balance shoes!

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You may recall the designs of 2016 and the photo above will help jog your memory. Ariel, Dumbo, red carpet Mickey and red carpet Minnie were the designs. There are no photos of the Dumbo shoes but they were there, too. This was in San Marcos, Texas and this info and the photos are being shared with us by @jwheelerk, whom we can’t thank enough!

Here is what we know,  adult price $59.99 and kid price $34.99.  That’s a fun tid bit when you are buying from a third party. I was also told that there was a fantastic supply when they were first put out.  I was curious about the embellishments these shoes were said to have (ie” Ariel has purple shell clip ons) and this is what was said:

” The New Balance store said the clips remain an expo exclusive. The red carpet Minnie’s did come with a “spare” set of gold laces to interchange them with the matching yellow laces they already had on them. They also said no holds, no phone order/purchase pre-pay and no shipping available. It is first come, first serve.”

I’m not sure if any of you have a New Balance outlet near you but, if you do, I am sooooo jealous right now! I have the Ariel ones but I am dying for the yellow red carpet Minnie ones.

What do you think of the news? Are you surprised? Let us know what you think in the comment box below!

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