Start Your Mornings in 2019 Princess Style With These Gorgeous Mugs!

I can’t speak for my fellow fashionistas but I have to start my mornings with at least one cup of coffee. It’s just the way I roll. If I am not on the go and am just sitting down to write for you, I need a fabulous mug that inspires me. I’ve decided I need to start my mornings in 2019 Princess style with these gorgeous mugs!

If you are into the original Princess, this Snow White inspired mug of the wishing well is exactly what you need to drink that morning cup of joe. I am loving that these new mugs are not of the actual Princesses but of things we associate with the Princess. The wishing well is iconic to Snow White. The inner rim says The Kindest One of All. So true.

The carriage is synonymous with Cinderella. This mug is almost too pretty to use but I’m sure Cinderella fans can look past that. The inside says Make Your Own Magic. I could not agree more!

One of the most popular princesses is Belle and when you think of Belle you think of 2 things: books and roses. Good thing this mug has both of those things represented. Using the rose as the handle is ingenious! The inner rim doesn’t have an expression but one of the books says Looking For Adventure.

The next 2 mugs come from my personal 2 favorite Princess films. The Little Mermaid is bright and colorful and fun and I love that Ariel has red hair (I feel she is a kindred spirit). This mug reminds me of being under the sea and the handle is a dinglehopper! Change Your World is the inspiration inside this mug. I definitely believe in these words!

Tangled is another favorite of mine and this is Rapunzel’s mug. She always reaches for the stars and I adore the tower as the handle.

Princess Jasmine’s mug looks like she is floating in the clouds and that would be seemingly true since the handle is the magic carpet. The expression Soar to New Heights can be found on the inner rim. I think Princess Jasmine would approve.


Not only are these mugs lovely but they are inspirational and a fantastic way to start your mornings in 2019! These are available at Disney Parks but they can also be found on shopDisney. They are $27.99 at the Parks but they are $24.99 on shopDisney HERE!

Which is your favorite Disney Princess? Do you like her mug (if she has one… I know many are missing). Let us know in the comment box below!


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