Top 10 Disney Items You Didn’t Know You Needed At Your Wedding!

It’s been a couple of years now that I was in wedding planning mode for myself but now I try to help out fellow fashionistas.  I was trying to think of items that were Disney themed that not everyone might think of, when planning my dream Disney wedding. There are tons of things you can get to Disnify (that’s my latest word) your wedding. Here are the top 10 Disney items you didn’t know you needed at your wedding!


1. Matching Tattoos– These matching Disney bridal tattoos are awesome! They would be fun to put on at the reception as you are getting ready to leave, if you don’t want them in any pictures. If tattoos in your wedding pictures don’t bother you, you could totally rock these!!

2. Mickey Love Sign– This sign is adorable and I absolutely love the way it is used in the photo above. It could be used for engagement photos, as well! I thought of all the ways I could use it at our wedding and I got mine in purple!


3. Disney Shoe Decals– I am sure this isn’t actually surprising to many of the brides out there. I, personally, chose these. These are super easy to find and, these ones in particular, add a little bling to my wedding shoes! They are also quite inexpensive in the grand scheme of things!

4. Disney Garter– This is another example of something that comes in a million different designs. You could find a Disney garter to fit whatever your wedding theme and colors. I am a classicist and I adore Mickey and Minnie.

5. Disney Sand Ceremony– A lot of people are now doing a sand ceremony as opposed to a lighting of a candle at their wedding. I will be doing that very thing and this one is my favorite one that I have seen. It’s personalized and can be placed somewhere in your home later on to remind you of that special ceremony.


6.- Momento For Dad or Mom- This handkerchief actually made me cry when I saw it. It is perfect. I can’t imagine a dad that wouldn’t love this. It’s personalized and extremely sentimental. It’s genius. This particular Etsy store actually has these for mom, as well,  with different expressions. I am in love.

7. Disney Glasses–  There are so many of these to choose from.  I liked these because they would be rather difficult to knock over and, depending on how many guests you have, if kids are present and if alcohol is involved, this non-stemware might be a good idea! They aren’t the ones I ended up choosing, though!


8. Disney Alternative Guest Book– I can tell you that this one, I ordered. Not this exact one but I had a Disney alternative guest book done and it was awesome! Mine involved Mickey shaped balloons… no, it was not UP themed. I love this idea because you can hang it up later, as artwork, and always be reminded of the people who shared that day with you.


9. Disney Ring Pillow– I was not sure what to use for my ring bearer and I can tell you that I didn’t chose a pillow. It didn’t go with our theme. Ring Pillows do go with most people’s themes, though, and a Disney one would rock!

10. Disney Cake Topper– This is another one of those things that you can get in a million different designs. I like this classic one but you can most likely find any design you want on Etsy!

There’s also a bonus 11th option of a Once Upon A Fairytale Fix! It has a few different options in it.

What do you think of my ideas? I could have done a top 50 but that’s a little long for a blog. Perhaps there will be a part 2!? Let us know what you think of our ideas in the comment box below!



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