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10 Disney Gift Ideas For Dad This Father’s Day

Sometimes, looking for the perfect gift can be very time consuming. Looking for a great gift idea for dad can be even harder. Try making that a Disney gift and you could end up with a lofty headache. There are a million different ideas for women but not so much for men. I have compiled a list of 10 Disney gift ideas for dad this Father’s Day!

2016-06-06 03_18_48-Amazon.com_ Disney Donald Duck This Is My Happy Face Mens Black T-Shirt _ L_ Clo

1. Donald Tee Shirt– This isn’t just any Donald tee shirt! I know many men that love Donald over Mickey and I think this one is fun and different. I could totally see my dad wearing this shirt!

2016-06-06 04_02_05-WITHMOONS Disney Mickey Mouse Hands Up Embroidery Baseball Cap CR1259 (Black) at

2. Mickey Baseball Hat- My fiance doesn’t wear baseball hats but my stepdad sure does! He loves to wear them while golfing and I think this one would be perfect for the golf course! It does come in a variety of colors and is only $19.99!


3. Star Wars Ring- Do you have a dad that loves Star Wars and likes to wear rings? I think this ring is very cool and the different symbols, in muted colors, are perfect for any dad who wishes he was a part of a galaxy far, far away.

2016-06-06 04_13_54-Disney Mens Boxer Shorts Classic Goofy Face (medium) at Amazon Men’s Clothing st

4. Disney Boxer Shorts– I know some of you are thinking, “Why would you buy your dad underwear??” Well, wives buy gifts for dad, aka their husbands/the father of their children, and this would be a great gift! There are all kinds of Disney ones to choose from but these Goofy ones are awesome!


5. Mickey Mouse Backpack- This Neff Mickey Mouse backpack was made with men in mind. It’s a neutral, non feminine print that is perfect for any dad to carry around while on a Disney vacation with his family!


6. Disney Socks– Doesn’t almost every man need socks? If your dad is a Disney fan, he will love these socks! There are actually different 2 pack designs to choose from but I love these. The Mickey glove pair is my favorite!


7. Mickey Mouse Tie- Do you know how hard I had to look for these? Disney ties are harder to come by than one might think! There are many different designs, now that I have found them, but I like this one. If you have a Disney loving dad that wears ties to work or church, you could totally give this as a Father’s Day gift!


8. Marvel Pajama Pants- Obviously, they could be any Disney, Marvel or Star Wars character pajama pants but don’t you think these are fun and bold? I could definitely see my fiance wearing these pajama pants. These would be great for a casual weekend breakfast with the family in front of the tv for Saturday morning cartoons.


9. Mickey Belt– If your Disney loving dad likes to wear a belt, this is the best gift! I bought a different pattern than the one seen above for my fiance and he wears it all the time!


10. Mickey Mouse Tie Clip- If you were leaning towards going with the Mickey tie option, or you have done that option in the past, perhaps a Mickey Mouse tie clip is the answer! I like the simplicity of this one!

These are just 10 ideas for Disney gifts for your dad (or maybe a dad like figure) on Father’s Day. You still have time to get any of these items, especially if you use Amazon Prime. Happy shopping and happy Father’s Day!


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