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My Top 10 Black Friday Disney Deals For Adults


We have spent part of this week looking at Black Friday deals for boys and girls but what about the adults?! I don’t personally have children, yet I still love a good Disney deal when I see one! For the adults, I have compiled a list with lots of variety. There are a couple of items that, I suppose, could end up on a list for children as well but I like to think that we are all young at heart. It’s time to treat your Disney side with my top 10 Black Friday Disney deals for adults!

I will start with a bit of an aside because I think it’s quite note worthy. Many of the items on all 4 lists I am publishing are from Kohl’s. Kohl’s, aside from having some wicked awesome prices, also has a deal where you spend $50 and get back $15 in Kohl’s cash. This means that you already save money on the items you purchased but then you can go back later and save even more money again. This is a deal that every keen shopper hopes to find so I thought it worth mentioning. Now let’s go to the list!

1. Target Gift Cards 10% off…. Let me explain this one because you may be wondering how this is a Disney deal. You are allowed to buy up to $300 dollars worth of gift cards. this can be combined with your red card 5%… so 15% off gift cards, You can then turn around and use those cards to purchase Disney gift cards for a trip, park tickets, Disney Cruise, whatever you like. You can even buy them online! Now that’s a Disney deal of epic proportions in my eyes!!! This sale is at Target from 6am-12noon Friday only

*** I did ask my local Target about the red card 5% for gift cards. I was told it can be done but when I asked at another store they said no…. purchase at your own risk with a red card, I guess.****

2, Elsa ihome Character Headphones $12.99 (reg. $29.99) Kohl’s sale starts at 6pm Thursday to 1pm Friday

3. Frozen Charms in Sterling Silver $24.99 (reg. $85- $95) Kohl’s sale starts at 6pm Thursday to 1pm Friday

4. Juniors Olaf Sweatshirt or Sweatpants $12.99 (reg. $34) JC Penney sale starts @6pm Thursday

5. Character Ladies Micro Fleece Sleep Pants $4 Walmart doorbuster @6pm Thursday

6. Mickey or Olaf Waffle Maker $27.99 (reg. $39.99) Kohl’s (see above for hours)

7. Maleficent Bluray/DVD/Digital $9.99 (reg. $26.99) Best Buy sale starts @5pm Thursday

8. Disney Novelty Tee or Pants $9.99 (reg. $22- $30) JC Penney sale starts @6pm Thursday

9. Lenox Disney Ornaments 60% off Macy’s sale starts @6pm Thursday

10. Disney Eye Found It Game $9.99 (reg. $20) Target sale starts @6pm Thursday

There it is… my top 10 items for adults. Remember, if you want to see the actual items in flyers, check out! I really think #1 and #9 could be my favorites. What are your faves? Will you be using my list to help plan your Black Friday shopping? Let me know in the comment box below!

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