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Top 10 Black Friday 2015 Disney Deals For Kids


I have already told you about the top 10 Black Friday 2015 Disney Deals for adults and for girls. I am so excited to share the top 10 deals for kids! What does that entail exactly? Well, it means that there is something for both boys and girls available under one title. I agree with some, this could sound a little sexist. Why can’t little boys wear Frozen slippers and why can’t little girls wear avengers tee shirts? No reason at all! I say, mix it up if that’s what the kids like. I am being a little stereotypical, I suppose. Please excuse me. Okay… now back to the list of the top 10 Black Friday 2015 Disney deals for kids.

  1. World of Creativity 1000 pc Art Set $14.99 (save $15) Kohls sale starts at 6:00pm Thursday
  2. 3 Piece Character Luggage Set $19.99 (save $40) Kohls sale starts at 6:00pm Thursday
  3. Play Mats With Toy $19.99 (save $30) Kohls sale starts at 6:00pm Thursday
  4. Disney Treasury Books $5.99 (save 60%) Toys R Us sale starts at 5:00pm Thursday
  5. Disney, Marvel or Star Wars Scooter $15 (save $25) Walmart opens at 6:00pm Thursday
  6. Disney Frozen or Avengers Bike 16′ $49 ( save $30.97) Walmart opens at 6:00pm Thursday
  7. Character Hooded Towels $10 (save $5.49) Target opens at 6:00pm Thursday
  8. Kids Character 2pc Sleep Set $4.75 (I have no idea but it sounds good!) Walmart opens at 6:00pm Thursday
  9. Character Table and Chairs $24.96 (save $15) Walmart opens at 6:00pm Thursday
  10. Kids Character Slippers Buy one, get one free (save $13.99) Sears opens at 6:00pm Thursday

I won’t lie. It’s going to be awfully difficult to get everything on the list when all the stores seemingly open at the same time. You may have to divide and conquer. There’s always the option of trying for these deals online. I have actually found that many of the deals are available, surprisingly enough. I hope this helps you organize your shopping list a little easier. Happy shopping, fashionistas!

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