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Top 10 Disney Swim Suits For Women 2017

It’s that time of year again. Time to start thinking about vacations, summer and what on Earth you are going to wear to the beach or pool this year. I am not an easy person to find a swim suit for. I admit this whole heartedly. I am super picky and hard on myself and it’s not pleasant to go looking for swim suits with me so I chose to do it alone. I decided a couple of years ago, I would like to see if there was anything out there with a Disney theme… for women.  I was pleasantly surprised in 2015 and 2016!  I was pleased to find so many cute Disney themed swim suits but they weren’t in the most obvious places.  I have compiled the top 10 Disney swim suits for women… 2017 edition!


1. Alice In A Dali Dream One Piece– I love the artwork at the Wonderground Gallery at Disney Springs. The characters with the large eyes are my favorite. This swimsuit is unlike any I have ever seen and that is why it made my list! This suit is available from Poprageous.

2. Beauty and The Beast Bikini– I talked all about the fantastic bikinis available from Hot Topic a while back and people went crazy for them. I find this one to be the most universally wearable (except possibly for the color) and that’s why I bought one for myself!

3. Fastpass Swim Suit– This one piece suit is nostalgic for me. I loved the paper Fastpasses. While I understand why they changed the system, I still think that any true Disney addict could appreciate this pattern. This is another sweet find from Rainbow Rules.

4. Minnie Mouse Monokini– I know this is just an image of this monokini and it’s not pictured on a body but I am willing to list it anyway. I adore the print on the bottom and the stark contrast on top is slimming and fantastic. You can choose the top to be white but that would look way too pale on me so I chose the black version. I found this lovely suit on Etsy.

5. Sugar Plum Bikini– Clearly, this is a Rapunzel inspired bikini and it is from Enchanted Bikinis, which we talked about at length long before the major fashion magazines finally discovered them. There really isn’t one single bikini from this shop you should ignore. They are sensational. This one, however, is one of my absolute favorites.

6. Mermaid One Piece Suit– This is one of my favorites from 2016 and it remains one of my favorites. Therefore, it is on this year’s list. In all fairness, I found it after I posted 2016’s list so there you go. I think the mermaid bikinis are fabulous but more often than not, women want a one piece option, as well. This one piece suit is only $12.48!

7. Star Wars Monokini– Star Wars is still iconic, even after all these years, especially with the new films. I still stand firm with black being slimming and that is why I think this Star Wars monokini is perfect for those Star Wars fans. This one does come in very few sizes, which is a disadvantage, but it still warrants being mentioned.

8. Gold Metal Bikini– Does this suit remind you of anyone’s famous bikini? If you are thinking Princess Leia and her gold bikini, you have found the inspiration for this suit from Poprageous. I keep thinking of all of these men, that were once boys, obsessed with Princess Leia and her gold bikini. this one is for anyone who is with someone who can appreciate it!

9. Scattered Snacks Halter One Piece– Who doesn’t love Disney snacks? I know I do! Here we go with the black background again… slimming! I really enjoy the halter style as it is really flattering for my body type. This suit would be super fun to wear while at the pool at Disney! Thanks to Etsy and ShopWishesandWands for another great find.

10. Minnie Mouse Halter Tankini–  Not everyone wants a one piece or a bikini. Some people want something in between! I bring you the Minnie Mouse tankini from Torrid! What I didn’t know about Torrid is their sizes actually start at a 10 so, if you think you aren’t able to shop their because you don’t wear plus sizes, you can find anything starting at a 10! I own this top and I wear it with a plain black bottom and I love it!

These are my top 10 Disney swim suits for women in 2017. Obviously, this may not be your top 10 but this is certainly a great start! I am serious when I say Hot Topic, Enchanted Bikinis and Torrid are the best place to find the most variety of Disney swim suits this year. It’s a great year for Disney swim suits for women!

What do you think of my list, fashionistas? Did you see one you like? Let us know your thoughts in the comment box below!


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