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Top 10 Experiences You Missed From D23 Expo 2015

I had the most incredible time at the D23 Expo a week ago. It was crazy busy and hectic, don’t get me wrong, but it was still the most incredible weekend. I shared with you, before the Expo, why you should attend the D23 Expo 2015. Now I am going to tell you what you missed so that, in the future, you don’t miss out again. Trust me. You want to be there in 2017! Here are the top 10 experiences you missed from D23 Expo 2015… in no particular order.

the originals the originals

1. The Originals

This was a collaboration of 3 incredible Broadway stars, from Disney shows, Ashley Brown, Josh Strickland and James Monroe Inglehart. I cried. Yes, it’s true. I cried from the first note that was sung. I am an avid Broadway lover and I adore all the Disney shows. To virtually have a private concert from these three fabulous artists was something I will never forget. It was a dream come true.

disney dream store

2. The Dream Store

I am definitely a shopper. I have never claimed to be otherwise. The Dream Store had reasonable lines, sneak peak merchandise and artist signings (I met Dana and Melanie Harvey.. creator of Harveys bags!) It had early release Pandora and Alex and Ani, exclusive Harveys bags and fine art and jewelry. It was nothing short of a dream.

toy store panel

3. Toy Story Panel

Listening to John Lassiter, and other animators that worked on Toy Story, talk about creating a film that was being shot down all over the place, was  mind blowing, They shared stories that you couldn’t hear anywhere else. It was like sitting in their living room, listening to them talk about their day. It was relaxing, entertaining and fabulous.


4. Meeting Ashley Eckstein

I had the honor of interviewing Ashley but, what you should know, is that Ashley took the time to talk to everyone who stood in line to meet her. She was so gracious. She is so down to earth and friendly, you would never even know she is a celebrity. It was truly a highlight of my weekend.

d23 expo

5. Disney Imagineering Panel

Marty Sklar and Richard Sherman? Are you kidding? These men worked with Walt directly and shared stories of working with him. You got a true sense of what Walt was like and how he thought. It felt like I knew him and his thought processes by the end of the presentation. It was heart warming and magical.

tink style

6. Minnie and Tink Style

I loved being able to get my hair done in a Tink bun and my nails done with my choice of design (from the ones they had). It was a nice little perk that, surprisingly, many people didn’t take advantage of until part way through the second day.  It truly helped to immerse me in what I do… I am the Disney Fashionista, after all.

disney store

7. Disney Store

I am aware that the lines for this store were out of this world. The merchandise was worth it to me. There were store passes available for those who chose to stand in that line, and it was worth the wait. A sneak peak at all the merchandise coming to the Disney Store this fall, as well as being able to purchase exclusive merchandise… well, it was perfect for a professional shopper (self labeled) like myself.

8. Disney Legends Panel

Having Bob Iger present such incredible Disney legends with such a great honor was honestly extraordinary. Where else could this ever happen? It was a once in a lifetime experience.

disney bounding joy

9. The People

Honestly, being amongst all the Disney fans, that feel as strongly as I do about my love for Disney, was awesome! Think about how often you explain to your friends or coworkers about the fact that Disney isn’t just for kids. This was 100, 000 other people that feel the same way!!

disney coosplay

10. The Cosplay

It’s not very often that adults get to dress in costume as Disney characters. It isn’t allowed at the Parks and Halloween isn’t something everyone is into. Here, at D23 Expo, you can do this freely and, trust me, people did. They costumes were incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I prefer to Disney Bound, and that was also in full force, but the cosplay was out of this world.


If these reasons aren’t enough to convince you to try and attend D23 Expo the next time around, then I don’t know what you need to hear. It was incredible. If you were there, what was your favorite part? Let us know in the comment box below!

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