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Top 10 Items To Wear For The Ultimate Deadpool Fan!

I am going to start by saying I really didn’t care a whole heck of a lot about Super Hero movies or comics. I am a changed woman!! I went to see Deadpool on opening night and I LOVED it!! Ryan Reynolds is my ultimate super hero. I am now wanting to wear anything Deadpool… that is stylish, of course. I have compiled a list of top 10 items to wear for the ultimate Deadpool fan!


1. Deadpool Yoga Pants– I am not a huge yoga pants wearer outside of my home but I could possibly make an exception for these. I think they are the perfect blend of super hero and style.


2. Deadpool Earrings– I think these are adorable. They are small and perfectly Deadpool! It’s quite handy that the colors of Deadpool are black and red…. these colors go with so much!!! You could be Disney bounding as Mickey and Minnie and sneak these in!!

2016-02-14 04_30_41-V-DAY SALE Deadpool Valentine's Day Enjoy Vd by GrowingUpGeeky

3. VD Tank Top– This tank top makes me laugh! I know today is Valentine’s Day, so that makes this even more hilarious. If you know Deadpool, and his sense of humor, you will truly appreciate this tank top!


4. Deadpool Infinity Scarf– It is still winter… unfortunately. It will soon be spring but, let’s face it, spring is still cool. An infinity scarf would be positively perfect! I love the foil effect on this scarf! This could transition into any season, in my opinion.


5. Deadpool Sweatshirt– This sweatshirt is perfect for this freezing cold weather. I will admit that I would never have known this is a Deadpool sweatshirt but, now that I am fully aware of Deadpool’s awesomeness, I have to have this. It would work really well with number 1!


6. Deadpool Heels– Aren’t these fabulous?? They are bedazzled and spectacular! The wedge heel makes them comfortable and stylish. They would absolutely rock with a pair of jeans! They would look amazing under the spotlight in my shoe closet (not lying… I have spotlights in my shoe closet… and glass shelves).


7. Deadpool High Tops– These are my alternative, for those who can’t or won’t wear heels. These are hand painted pieces of art. Ironic that they would also look bangin with a pair of jeans!


8. Deadpool Ballerina Dress– This is a junior size dress, so I won’t be able to wear it. If I could, I would wear this to Disney in a heartbeat! It’s light and airy and perfect for a day at Disney!


9. Deadpool Tee Shirt–  I know this may be too much for some of you but, if it is, then you are most likely not a Deadpool fan. He is sarcastic and vulgar at times and I think this tee shirt pretty much sums it up. It sums up Ryan Reynolds, too, if you ask me!

2016-02-14 05_14_03-T-Shirts, Stitchpool _ TeePublic

10. Stitchpool Tee Shirt– I just like the mix of Disney and Marvel in this tee shirt. Tee Public tends to have a lot of unique tee shirts and this one is a perfect example. I love the mix of Stitch and Deadpool!

What do you think of this top 10?? Would you wear anything on the list? All of the items on the list?? Let us know what you think in the comment box below!

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